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Business Consultancy Services

We have connections with Chinese businesses and entrepreneurs.

Chinese manufacture capability, markets and wealth have significantly increased during the last 30 years.

We can help you to find:

  1. Manufactures with world class qualities and good price
    Our connections in china have access to world class electronics and machenics supplies.
  2. Chinese market research and cooperation partners if you want to embrace the 1.4 Billion population markets
    The foreign land can be haunting. we can help you to get to know the new markets and find you the suitable local partners, local supports and local goverment incentive for your business.
  3. Investment from Chinese private capital vehicles
    our chinese connections have access for veture captial and other private investors. They are interested in investing in new tehcnologies and new products.
  4. Please talk to us on 01793 423753 or email us to see what we can help.

Successful Cases

  1. we are helping one chinese firm to find UK parters in the technology field.